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The Event

Generation Next takes place over a half-day and is exclusively for rising, fledgling operators, from up and coming street food vendors through to operators with one to three sites. As well as networking opportunities, these operators come together to hear from, and learn from, industry experts across property, finance, technology and logistics and bring these learnings back to their business.

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Generation Next Series

The UK’s eating out market remains a vibrant and ever-expanding sector.

Will the next Wagamama be found at the local street food market or the new Nando’s operating in Hackney High Street? The Generation Next series will shine the light on entrepreneurs and concepts who, with your help, could shape the industry over the next few years and beyond.

On the principals behind the Generation Next, Entrepreneur and London Union founder Jonathan Downey says:

“The hospitality industry is not very generous when it comes to sharing advice and experience – too many of your colleagues and competitors can’t wait to see you fail – and new business owners should grab every opportunity they can get to learn and gain inspiration from the people who have already been there and done it. Every week I see beginners in business making the same crazy mistakes and it sickens me.”

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